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A Catholic school for grades Pre-K-8th 
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St. Matthew School follows the teaching of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) on education to teach to the whole child.

High achievement is promoted within all core subjects with the addition of regular instruction in Music, Spanish, PE, Health, Technology, and Library skills. St. Matthew teachers employ many strategies to differentiate instruction based on learning needs and styles. Grades 6-8 participate in electives: art, leadership, and chess to name a few. Leveled grouping is used to support differentiated instruction across all grade levels. Students benefit from a math specialist, certified instructional assistants, and a Title I reading teacher.

In order to create a supportive and safe environment that fosters the high achievement of all students, St. Matthew teaches to the whole child.  Many extracurricular activities are available for enrichment.  St. Matthew School offers the additional learning opportunities:  Outdoor School, Oregon Trail Overnight and middle school religious and community-building retreats.

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