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Auction February 27th

The Auction "Racing for Excellence" is just a few short weeks away.  We have a few seats left, with tickets availabe for $85 per seat.  To purchase a ticket please contact the Auction Committee at 503-648-2512 ext. 271 or at stmatthewauction@yahoo.com.  We have some fantastic items that will be up for bid including the ever popular Class Auction Projects, many of which are on display in the school.  There are packages for the Duck and Beaver fans including tickets to games!  Check out our Auction Facebook page HERE for the latest updates and pictures.  Don't forget we will have items that will be available exclusively on our online Auction website for those unable to attend Auction night.  There excitement is buidling and we are looking to take the Triple Crown as we Race to Excellence!

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Students use NOAA information in Math

Opportunities to have students apply math into their real-life are extremely important for a better understanding, and for the student’s engagement.  From my Teacher at Sea experience, I have been able to bring back several applications for our students to apply pre-algebra and algebra concepts to.  A Problem Based Learning project that we just finished in middle school had to do with graphing on a coordinate plane - similar to playing Battleship,  students must plot X and Y coordinates on a graph.  To take this a step further, we applied the concept of navigation, and replaced X and Y coordinates with latitude and longitude.  The students were now faced with an authentic task that allowed them to practice plotting a course through Montere... continue reading

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FEB 12

Crazy Sock Day & Valentines Dress

Students may wear crazy socks to school. Students may ... details

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