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New and Noteworthy


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January 12, 2021
By Paula Dunn

St. Matthew Catholic School has adapted and adjusted to the pandemic.  We know this school year looks very different, but our staff has worked hard to make sure none of our students fall behind.  We started in September offering LOI (Limited On-site Instruction) to our students with most of our students being in the classroom for at least two days a week for two hours a day.  Our teachers have found that they could accomplish quality learning even during limited time, with limited face to face interactions.  In-person and virtual office hours, along with student support services from our Title I and ELL staff and our Reading and Learning Specialist has helped make sure our students are not falling behind.  

After the Christmas break we have geared up to having our K-5 students in the school building for in-person instruction for four hours each day.  The staff is very excited for this opportunity to have our students back on campus for an extended period of time.  In the next few weeks we will be bringing our Middle School back into the building for LIPI (LImited In Person Instruction) as well. 

We have set up safety precautions and our school families have been diligent in monitoring their children's health so that we can keep our doors open.  We have been blessed to have a supportive community and the space to be able to offer our students a strong academic experience even in these challenging times.

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