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A Catholic school for grades Pre-K-8th 
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Parent Club



The purpose of the Parent Club shall be to support St. Matthew Catholic School. The Parent Club is accountable to the principal who must approve all officers, adoption of all resolutions, and any amendments to this constitution and/or bylaws.  In fulfilling its purpose the Parent Club will have the following objectives:

• To work in conjunction with the St. Matthew Catholic School Advisory Council to
broaden understanding and foster appreciation of Catholic education;

• To assist in the operation of the school as needed through volunteer activities;

• To raise the appropriate funds for the support and benefit of the school;

• To develop within a Christian community, positive relations among parents,
students school faculty and the parish;

• To enable the entire school and parish community to achieve its stated mission
and goals within the school's philosophy.

The Parent Club helps with various projects throughout the school year that specifically benefit the entire school in general rather than sponsor specific groups. Examples of Parent Club projects include: Room Parent Funding, Teacher Appreciation, Teacher Gifts, End of Year BBQ, Occasional help with School Maintenance Projects

Funding for Parent Club sponsored school activities is generated through Parent Club fundraising activities to include Jog-a-thon and SCRIP sales. The Parent Club helps with all other fund raising for the school including Auction, donations, Annual Fund Drive, and individual company's paid volunteer work hours, however, these funds are directed to the school and not the parent club.

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